VINKA Stories

In 1999, we were a group of natural skin care enthusiasts working with a team of chemists on health impact with essential oils and aromatherapy. In 2003, VINKA GmbH was officially established with the vision of combining the benefits of aromatherapy with the science of skin care. The belief was to take the best ingredients nature has to offer in restoring skin health and formulate skin care solutions with proven scientific innovations that directly work at the molecular and cellular level to revitalize skin functions.  Our production are based 100% in Germany, with operations and quality control adhering to regulations of Germany and the European Union.


VINKA, When Nature meets Science.

Our products are all developed and manufactured in Germany. Our organic series are compliant with ECOCERT, BDIH, and NATRUE certifications. Our team of bio-chemical experts is constantly researching for new ways to restore the natural beauty of different skin types, from different ethnicities, under various environmental conditions. Vinka ensures only ingredients of the highest quality with optimum proportions go into our products. All natural ingredients and their production origins are subject to Vinka’s high standard of quality control.

Zeitlose Schönheit